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Cocking has been a family tradition in the Milla family, I am from generation of cockers, which started from my Grandfather the late Kapitan del Bario Servillano "Mianong" Milla of Tarlac and my father Engr. Cresencio C. Milla.

My father, Engr. Cresencio C. Milla a native of Gerona Tarlac a Geodetic Engineering graduate of FEATI University and presently involve in land development & real estate business. On February 26 & 28, 1998 the most shining moment of his cock fighting career happened, with Roligon's Super 10 Cock First Centennial Derby. Out of 20 tough entries both local and international breeders & cockers he emmerge as "SOLO CHAMPION" . It was a commanding achievement making him fit to be called the "CENTENNIAL CHAMPION". The prize he got from being the champion was use to operate the New Antipolo Coliseum and acquired the New Gerona Coliseum.

He became a member of Gamefowl Breeders Association of Tarlac (GBAT) and awarded as the 2005 BREEDER OF THE YEAR. During his stint in the GCAP ( Gentlemans Cockers Association of the Philippines) he became two time champion on GCAPS circuits in San Juan Coliseum First on February 22, 2006 on the 4th GCAP 5 Cock Derby and on March 22 2006 on 5th GCAP 5 Cock Derby.

Three years ago I started into breeding, just backyard breeding producing around 100-150 heads, breeding in using regular Grey that i got from Mayor Napoleon Delfinado cross it to a Irish Dome wich I got from Kapt. Joe de Sagun. Then a evolved into Buchers and Kelso's. Now I am into Sweaters as my new bloodline.

As a new player in the industry I already have share of success like the Cainta Coliseum 5 Stag Derby Champion on October 11, 2005 and the Gerona Breeders Association of Tarlac (GBAT) 1st Leg 4 Stag Derby Champion on October 22, 2005.

At Present I am an active member of Tarlac Gamefawl Breeders Association (TAGBA) and competes mainly in Luzon and in Metro Manila. My farm Gerona Apache Gamefarm is located at Gerona Tarlac and you can reach me at 09215528880.

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